Claro offers a holistic program of support that includes a complete academic program (K-12) through partnerships with distributed learning schools, behaviour intervention, life skills training, therapeutic recreation, and opportunities to develop social and emotional awareness. Claro learning centres are devoted to the education of children and youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), and other neurological and developmental disabilities.


Claro provides one-on-one and small group support for children and youth, fostering growth in the areas of academics, life skills, social skills, independence and self-regulation.  Claro’s team understands the unique needs of our students.  We are committed to helping students reach their potential through enriching experiences at our centres and in the community.  Students thrive in Claro’s safe and nurturing environment, gaining confidence as each small step is celebrated.


Claro’s relationship-based approach and sensory sensitive environment creates a culture of acceptance-- a place where there is always a friend to play with and a spot at the lunch table.  Claro's experienced and caring staff use creative strategies of support to engage students.  Inspired by each student's unique interests, needs and abilities, we create an individualized program in which each child can learn, grow, and shine.